2 kidsPeople-to-People Foundation was founded in 1999 in response to the plight of the abandoned child!

Nicu Gal along with his wife, Miha, began with a vision to improve the lives of the abandoned children in their area.

In particular they worked with children whose parents have no longer been able to care for them at home. Services that stop children being abandoned or promote them being reintegrated into family life gave children in the region new hope!

The Patmos Foundation in Finland gave funding to set up a family styled transitional home, Casa Patmos. The first 14 abandoned children we met in December 1999 lived at Casa Patmos for 2 years. This loving family-type environment was a haven before the abandoned children could be fostered at home or adopted into a new family.

Children that never knew the love of their own parents; children that have been devastated by the neglect from those that they wanted to love; children without hope for the future,they have now all been given a new beginning in life!

More than 50 children have passed through our center on their way to a new home in the last 7 years!

The Patmos Foundation also supported the first community project in the village of Urvind where the standard of living was improved for the people by providing homes in 20 modified metal containers, with electricity, running water, a bath house, and over time a food programme for the needy children. This pillot program has since been duplicated in other communities and expanded to include education and medical assistance as well, due to the support from Remember the Children - USA, and Teams4U – UK.

Slides at school in TincaDue to the generous suport of Patmos Foundation - FIN we now help a new gypsy community in Tinca village providing formal education for those we work with. Other partners involved are from ProRomi, Nederlands who built the school and Boxes of Hope Cumbria, UK who support part of the running costs. 

Since 2006 we have also developed through our 'Amicii' Day Care Center here in Oradea a hub for the disabled young adults who are dealing with their handicap and learning ways to live their lives fully.

In recent years we have also expanded our programs to include care and assistance for the victims of Human Trafficking. Restore Project is a joint program together with our friends from Abolishion RO.  

As the daily work of People to People has expanded a team of professionals has been formed to address the diverse needs of the day to day operations. Social workers; teachers; counsellors; doctors; and lawyers, enabling us to care and deal with a range of issues. We also have a close relationship with local pastors to meet the spiritual needs of the communities in which we serve.

Loving another we are also concerned with the whole person. We cannot leave God aside. Often the deepest cause of suffering is the very absence of God. Pure and generous love is the best witness to God in whom we believe and by whom we are driven to love. Within His love, each individual we serve will come to know this same love and in turn will be taught to share it with others.

Friends and partners, allow us to bring your witness of God’s never ending love to those less fortunate in our area. Thank you for helping us to build a connection of hearts to each other that grows together in the family of all God’s children… forever.

We are determined to stay by the side of both the forgotten child and of the vulnerable adults who have really come to rely on us!

We hope that this record gives you insight into just how much difference your help can make and also will inspire you to support these children and their families who really have come to rely on us – whatever you can offer practical, prayerful, financial…

Sharing in His love for us all,

People to People Foundation Team 


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