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TIP ReportIt is not a regular holiday, but it is a day mentioned in the international calendar - WORLD DAY AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING - A day dedicated to making us aware of a phenomenon, as widespread as it is kept silent or overlooked... HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

That's we what are talking about:

  • doing a job or providing services, by force, in violation of legal norms regarding working conditions, wages, health and safety;
  • kept in a state of slavery or other similar practices where a person is deprived of their freedom;
  • forced to practice prostitution, or to appear in pornographic poses in order to produce and broadcast pornographic materials or other forms of sexual exploitation;
  • forced removal of organs;
  • the obligation to practice begging or to commit crimes.

All of these are forms of human trafficking. 

BE CAREFUL! A possible situation that brings you to the position of being a victim can appear to be something perfect.

BE VIGILANT! If you witness such a situation (or even if you just suspect it), report it to the police! 

In Romania call 0800 800 678 Helpline, should you need help.


TIP Report"Following the publication of the #TIPReport 2022 and the subsequent public reactions, we have decided to request a series of clarifications from the Government of Romania, given the long and consistent series of uncertainties it has left us with."

"Members of the ProTECT platform, a network that brings together organizations involved in efforts to combat human trafficking, analyzed the conclusions and recommendations of the United States Department of State's annual monitoring report on human trafficking (TIP Report) and followed the public reactions of the actors institutional following its publication.

Romania was re-included in the group of states in Pillar 2 (Tier 2), after three consecutive years it was relegated to the monitoring list of Pillar 2 (Tier 2 Watchlist), due to the non-implementation of the recommendations contained in the reports of the last decade.

For us, far from being a victory, returning to Pillar 2 only means the circumstantial avoidance of inclusion in Pillar 3, with extremely serious diplomatic, reputational and practical consequences for Romania.

We remind you that the TIP Report is a diplomatic tool that seeks to meet minimum standards in the fight against human trafficking, and by no means a tool to identify states that have excelled.

Therefore, the classification even in Pillar 1 (Tier 1), represents only the fulfillment of minimum requirements in the 3 main areas: prevention of human trafficking, protection of victims and punishing the guilty.

Therefore, we consider that the public reactions generated by the publication of the report were overly optimistic, as there has not been a realistic, critical approach to the recommendations aimed at the systemic problems that our country still faces."

Read the Full Content of the Letter (In Romanian)


people to people bihorWe will soon be testing the mapping tool for local refugee support initiatives!

Work in progress! People-to-People-Bihor for Ukraine Project

The project funded by the "Integration Program for Refugees", a program set up with the support of the United Kingdom and the British government, coordinated nationally by the Federation of Community Foundations in Romania - FFCR through the Oradea Community Foundation and implemented locally by the People to People Foundation."

?partners in the refugee integration program funded by @Oxfam International are: Șinca Foundation, Grund School

The People to People Foundation participated in the meeting of the European Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings organized by the European Commission. Since the launch of this platform in 2013, we have been committed to transforming the experience gained from direct assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings, in support of national and European policies and strategies in the field.

This year we also brought the undisputed experience of all members of the ProTECT Platform (the national platform of organizations working in the field of the fight against human trafficking), EU Civil Society Platform and ePlatform against trafficking in human beings

EU platform


ProTECT who we are

European Day for the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings - an event marked at a national level, among others, by a meeting at Parliament level, co-organized by the deputy Oana Țoiu, Bucharest City Hall and the ProTECT Platform.

Our colleague reiterated the need and urgency of the following actions:

  • regulating the specialized assistance framework for victims of human trafficking -by extending and clarifying the types of services that correspond to the needs of victims - and developing specific quality standards. They have a direct influence and support the future process of allocating public funds to support care services, support the development of new services and ultimately victims' access to specialized care.
  • modification / correlation / clarification of current legislative provisions with direct influence in combating the phenomenon of trafficking (eg aggravating pimping vs. trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation, offenses in the form of fines for persons involved in prostitution, etc.)
  • creation of a unitary model for detection, notification and referral of cases by adopting the updated form of the National Identification and Referral Mechanism (MNIR),
  • allocation of funds dedicated to victim assistance (emergency funds / reintegration funds), efficient operationalization of these mechanisms! (eg from funds managed by the National Agency for the Administration of Unavailable Assets
  • consulting organizations with activity in the field before initiating normative acts with an impact on traffic issues to ensure that they correspond to the reality of the phenomenon.

We enjoy the collaboration between the wonderful members of the ProTECT Platform and the active partnership with the National Agency Against Trafficking in Human Beings.


The crisis in Afghanistan threatens the safety and even the lives of Afghan girls and women - freedom of movement and participation in socio-professional life completely restricted, marriages imposed from an early age (precisely to attract even more soldiers in the Taliban army), ban on studying, working, etc. These are just a few examples. Many of the ones that will follow fall into the category of modern slavery - human trafficking, exploitation.

We cannot close our eyes, we cannot be indifferent. We also signed the open letter addressed to the Romanian state to get involved. The hard work begins now - again. Hopefully, at least a few will find support for a safe life.

#stopexploitation #stophumantrafficking #safezone


stop human traffickingToday we are discussing a very great need in the field of assistance to victims of human trafficking, namely the creation and operation of an emergency fund (and not only) to support victims/survivors of human trafficking/trafficking of minors. We hope that the initiative will finally find its place in all the legislative mess and be assumed as important and a priority for the state institutions. (Of course the meeting will aim at creating the national fund for victims of crime, not just victims of human trafficking).

National Agency for the Administration of Unavailable Goods (Agenția Națională de Administrare a Bunurilor Indisponibilizate)
Ministry of Justice (Ministerul Justiției)
The Ministry of Finance (Ministerul Finanţelor)
National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (Agentia Nationala Impotriva Traficului de Persoane)


Social intervention (in crisis) does not take a break at the weekend ... We offer a meal to migrants in the custody of the Border Police. We hope that the authorities will find solutions soon!

More photos can be viewed on facebook here:


anti slaveryThe PEOPLE TO PEOPLE FOUNDATION works constantly to reduce the effects and trauma of exploitation on victims through the assistance provided by the Restore Centre. While thousands of fellow citizens are victims of some form of exploitation in Romania or abroad, prevention through awareness and understanding of the phenomenon can effectively influence the reduction of the risk of entering traffic situations.

for us #ENDitMovement IS EVERY DAY!

#StopSlavery #EndItMovement #InItToEndIt.

The strategic planning meeting of the ProTECT platform ( which brings together 20 organizations with experience and expertise in the field of the fight against human trafficking in Romania.

The People to People Foundation is a member of the Board of Directors of the Platform represented by colleagues with recognized expertise in working directly with the victims of this phenomenon. Together with our colleagues, we set out (in addition to the prevention and specialized assistance activities we have been carrying out for over 10 years) to be much more active and visible at the community level and especially in front of decision-makers, who, through the their politics, can bring significant improvements in the fight against trafficking!

platforma protect

  • Abolishion RO
  • Adpare
  • AIDRom
  • Asociatia Alternative Sociale
  • Armata Salvării România Betania Oradea
  • CSD (Centrul pentru Studiul Democratiei)
  • Dorcas
  • eLiberare
  • @Free
  • Generație Tânără România
  • Organizatia Institutul Bucovina
  • International Justice Mission
  • Justice and Care
  • @liberatED
  • LOGS Grup de Inițiative Sociale
  • Fundatia Micu Bogdan
  • Fundația Missio Link International
  • Open Door Foundation
  • People2People Foundation
  • Radiant Hope

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