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48% of human trafficking victims in 2018 were recruited by friends / acquaintances, anti trafficking class salonta
10% by their partner or husband,
89% recruited in person,
and 8% through the Internet!

Day II - a special meeting with the students from Salonta Agricultural High School, where we discussed of course about human trafficking - who are the recruiters, traffickers, forms of exploitation and especially how we can protect ourselves from this phenomenon. We also discussed how we can support our colleagues and friends - what strategies of resistance or support of the vulnerable can we develop. It's amazing how all the kids we meet have the knowledge and experiences that we, some adults, don't even imagine. We prefer to see them as ignorant, unknowing, unprepared, cheeky. We do not have time to listen to them, to talk openly with them about the topics that interest them - to find our support - we ignore their need for knowledge in their lives, we do not consider them prepared. They need us in turn to be responsible and informed adults.

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