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TIP ReportIt is not a regular holiday, but it is a day mentioned in the international calendar - WORLD DAY AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING - A day dedicated to making us aware of a phenomenon, as widespread as it is kept silent or overlooked... HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

That's we what are talking about:

  • doing a job or providing services, by force, in violation of legal norms regarding working conditions, wages, health and safety;
  • kept in a state of slavery or other similar practices where a person is deprived of their freedom;
  • forced to practice prostitution, or to appear in pornographic poses in order to produce and broadcast pornographic materials or other forms of sexual exploitation;
  • forced removal of organs;
  • the obligation to practice begging or to commit crimes.

All of these are forms of human trafficking. 

BE CAREFUL! A possible situation that brings you to the position of being a victim can appear to be something perfect.

BE VIGILANT! If you witness such a situation (or even if you just suspect it), report it to the police! 

In Romania call 0800 800 678 Helpline, should you need help.


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