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48% of human trafficking victims in 2018 were recruited by friends / acquaintances, anti trafficking class salonta
10% by their partner or husband,
89% recruited in person,
and 8% through the Internet!

Day II - a special meeting with the students from Salonta Agricultural High School, where we discussed of course about human trafficking - who are the recruiters, traffickers, forms of exploitation and especially how we can protect ourselves from this phenomenon. We also discussed how we can support our colleagues and friends - what strategies of resistance or support of the vulnerable can we develop. It's amazing how all the kids we meet have the knowledge and experiences that we, some adults, don't even imagine. We prefer to see them as ignorant, unknowing, unprepared, cheeky. We do not have time to listen to them, to talk openly with them about the topics that interest them - to find our support - we ignore their need for knowledge in their lives, we do not consider them prepared. They need us in turn to be responsible and informed adults.

DAY I - we are discussing with the wonderful children from the Husasau de Tinca High School about what we can do to avoid becoming victims of human trafficking.

Bright kids - but given that 43% of the victims in 2018 were minors, an entire community is needed to protect the future of these children! 

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EU anti trafficking day 2019Our "fight" against human trafficking is a daily one as we work alongside those who have survived human trafficking and their families. However, wanting to mark the European day of Anti-Trafficking - 18th October - we held a series of activities in communities together with the Bihor Prefect Insitute (coordinator of inter-institutional group against human trafficking) and CR Oradea Anitp.

Human trafficking and intervention in this area as well as the specificity of our beneficiaries - regarding protection and confidentiality - both from the point of view of security and the stigma and avoidance of victimization, prevent us from going out in public with details about our activity from the point of view of assistance! As the only provider of specialist assistance services in the Northwest area, the load of cases is sometimes overwhelming. However, prevention and awareness-raising activities are equally important in creating a safer community. Each of us, assuming its part, can improve the situation and the victims can be detected, assisted and the traffickers convicted!


1 anti trafficking roundtableDay I - Round table with local stakeholders from Tinca and he surrounding area. 

Given that the Bihor county is among the top 10 counties in Romania as a source of victims of human trafficking (according to statistics published by the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons), institutions, professionals, people with influence in the community as representatives of the church, have an especially important role in the DETECTION of potential of exploitation cases.

The representative of the Bihor Public Health Directorate - Dr. Racz Diana - the coordinator of the community health department, stressed the particularly important role that the community nurses and the health mediators, in collaboration with the Social Assistance Public Service have in detecting cases of those at risk or already exploited. Given that the participants discussed complementary factors that may contribute to the growth and maintenance of the phenomenon - drug use and trafficking, migration, school dropout, it is all the more important that everyone who can contribute to reducing the phenomenon will work much closer together and specifically in a coordinated way in combating this phenomenon!

2 anti trafficking roundtable

end human traffickingHundreds of children, women, men fall prey to human trafficking daily for sexual exploitation, exploitation through work, compulsory begging, committing crimes, child pornography ...

The statements we hear daily in our work are unimaginable realities of today's society, hard to describe and hard to heal.

It is our task to protect ourselves and to protect those around us, and the state has the ultimate duty to protect its citizens in a vulnerable state!


anti trafficking oradeaThe week has ended well as 27 participants from the structures for preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and representatives of the assistance services in Bihor and Satul Mare met in Oradea. They discussed about the national mechanism for identification and referral of victims of trafficking in human beings.

As a common unified instrument, we’re convinced that it will increase early identification of trafficking cases even as a potential victim, and their access to support services will be greatly facilitated. They will not be lost any more, and those who are victims, who for various reasons do not cooperate with the investigative organizations or the crime cannot be proved, will have access to assistance,. The National Anti-Trafficking Agency as a national focal point strengthens its role as a victim support service and support for the accomplishment of the act of justice!

intl human rights dayOn International Human Rights Day, we think of all the victims of human trafficking, whom we meet daily and whose rights are violated! These rights must be restored and trust in the future must be rebuilt!

“We declare that human rights are for all of us, all the time: whoever we are and wherever we are from; no matter our class, our opinions, our sexual orientation.” – Ban Ki-moon

Today, together with CR Oradea Anitp at the Graduate Labour Exchange, we will distribute materials regarding the prevention of human trafficking for work. Thank you Ajofm Bihor and Csaba Bekesi for their organizing and collaboration.T

Today is the European day against Trafficking of Human Beings.

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Day to day we support the survivours of human traficking to become winners!

Every day we fight against this phenomenon of organized crime!

We assist, support, invest, train, form, collaborate....

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A mother of two was saved from a human trafficking situation. Through manipulation (lover boy method) she was constrained to practice prostitution for the interest of trafficker and his mother.

She is now safely relocated, involved in a therapy program and juridical procedures . Her JOURNEY for the rest of her LIFE starts now, a lot to be done- but for sure it will be a HAPPY end!
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