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We had the pleasure to participate in the event ‘Health and Human Trafficking’ dedicated to health professionals, organized by Abolishion and the Bihor College of Physicians.

Together with others, health professionals are first-line professionals who can help identify victims of human trafficking! In the course of the trafficking situation - regardless of their nature, these people often turn to medical services. It is important that we know the signs and give them the opportunity to be identified!

Katherine Welch, whom we accompanied during these days, shared important information at various seminars. She is a visionary doctor and a different approach to the needs of the patient - the victim of trafficking.

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We were present at the Bihor county Job Fair organized by Ajofm Bihor.

We don’t have any jobs available, but we have some very useful information about how to find a workplace without becoming a victim of human trafficking.

“Choose to work in safety”

Awareness, prevention, trainings are some of the most powerful tools to fight human trafficking. Equipping ordinary people, reduce vulnerability due to the lack of knowledge and empower people that can fight this battle is what we did this week, in order to mark European day against trafficking in persons! (we do this all year long but this time was special as we celebrated European day against trafficking)
Along with our partners (National Agency against human trafficking CR Oradea Anitp, Police Inspectorate and Abolishion) we met with vulnerable people from rural areas - students, parents and teachers alike. Also discussed with future professionals in different areas how they can prevent or support people affected by this 21st century plaque.

Everyone was invited to join the thunderclap event run by European Freedom Network

Special thanks to FSSU - Departamentul de Sociologie și Asistență Socială -for being so opened and supportive, Liceul Teoretic "Nicolae Jiga", Bihor for support, the beautiful kids and parents from ProRoma School in Tinca, and "Mereu impreuna"(Always together) House for neglected and abused children.

What have we done lately at Peopleto People? Look at this photos to find out more! with Abolishion RO

We attended the NGO fair to attract volunteers in the fight against trafficking in human beings! This was also an awareness campaing about what human trafficking means - specialy on social media!

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