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The Proroma Tinca school marked the Day of the abolition of roma slavery in Romania by watching the documentary film "The Slavery of Roma - The Long Road to Freedom".

The film was launched in 2016 by the National Roma Culture Centre and focuses on the moment of the abolition of roma slavery - February 1856 and on the state of vulnerability to which the slaves were exposed with their release.

The 20th February was officially declared by law in 2011, as the “Abolition of Roma Slavery” Day in Romania.

The film was presented to all the primary classes and parents invited to our school. And so, pupils and parents witnessed a history lesson on the culture, traditions and way of the Roma community in Romania. Parents had the opportunity to debate in an interactive way about Roma slavery and its effects over the years in Roma communities. So, the significance of Roma history and culture was marked in the context of the contribution made by the Roma to the development of the Romanian state.

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