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School is COOL anywhere!

This is the slogan under the auspices of which a school event took place in Tinca.

It's cool to be a student at the ProRoma School in Tinca. Something beautiful always happens, play and sports are at home, children learn new things, children learn to be friends, to create teams, not to discriminate, to spend quality time in school. School is the place where the child from the Roma community in Tinca must feel at home, to feel and know that the school belongs to them, to the community.

For two consecutive days, the ProRoma School in Tinca in partnership with the Terre des hommes Romania Foundation, held a school event to promote the inclusion of Roma children in any school so that they feel welcome in both schools in Romania and abroad.

„This event took place within the project ‘MIȘTO AVILEAN’!, financed by the European Union through the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020) and implemented by the Terre des hommes Romania Foundation together with the international partners Terre des hommes from Hungary, Afeji from France and Fondacion Secretarido Gitano from Spain. ”

More photos can be viewed on facebook here:

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