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school tincaOur focus as ‘People-to-People’ Oradea is on practical projects, addressing poverty and its consequences. We work at the heart of communities to develop projects that enable long-term change for children and their families. Real change needs an investment in the infrastructure, both physical and social, to help give children the opportunity to achieve their full potential - so that families and communities can cope with the pressure of their daily lives - and live free from the consequences of poverty.

From small beginnings, with only a small class of 25 gypsy children, our ProRroma Kindergarten & Primary School has developed to reach out to nearly 200 children within the community.

The aim of the project is to reduce the barriers that Rroma children encounter in trying to access mainstream education, due in part to their culture and home circumstances and part to discrimination within Romania toward the Roma community. We have successfully shown that if young children are given additional support in their formative years, they can later join mainstream education and gain the opportunity to change their future – and that of the community.

A curriculum has been designed in line with Romanian State Education requirements. The school has also achieved accreditation and formal licence from the Romanian Education Department.

A number of additional International Charitable Foundations and Trusts have become involved, bringing new sponsors and capital investment working closely with us for facilitation in this humanitarian venture. We thank you all very much! 



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