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Summer activities are another way to educate/learn. It is important that students are able to develop new skills and abilities in new contexts with new people.

On field trips, children develop their observational skills. They learn to look at the subject and notice the characteristic features. This provokes profound feelings in the students and indelible impressions.

And so, we want to create new and positive experiences in the relationship with the school. Maybe that way they will be more willing to appreciate school more and to stay in school for a long time from now on.



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The activities in Tinca don't stop even during the summer holidays. At least 2 days a week we have leisure activities with children, we also have learning activities, excursions, visits to various tourist attractions.

Today's pictures reflect last week's activities. The goal is to maintain contact with the community, to be there for them. We are a community school and we want to grow in this - we learn together.

We love to learn, we learn to love.

We thank the ProRoma School team, friends, volunteers and partners. (CREFOP Oradea)




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Today's visit to Chiscau and the Bear's Cave and the Ehnographic museum took place within the project "Community educational support for children with parents gone abroad" - project co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020. POCU/784/6/24/139127.

 CREFOP Oradea



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Today was when we go to go on a trip to the museum and the zoo together with our partners CREFOP Oradea



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Thank you Remus Toderici - photographer - for the visit. The children were happy to see the article in the Crisana newspaper.



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We have talented children. We, the team, already knew that.

In the camp, we have created opportunities for them to express their talent through song/music, painting - each t-shirt worn by the children in the images in the post, were painted by them, they created a joint work together, paintings .... we prepare for a new exhibition in Tinca!



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Today was the day in which we expressed ourselves through art!



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Today we walked 10 km with the children and visited the Unguru Mare Cave. The children still had energy to be creative and play sports games. Today, we learned about safety and there was no shortage of ice cream!



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More fun at camp in Suncuius with painting, tug of war and many more games.



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Forty-six children, full of energy and enthusiasm enjoy the first day of camp!



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