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More fun at camp in Suncuius with painting, tug of war and many more games.



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Forty-six children, full of energy and enthusiasm enjoy the first day of camp!



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We know. We are an atypical school. We organized this event later since up until 21st June we had teaching activities within the project with the Crefop Foundation

Each class presented a small artistic program, we offered over 40 diplomas won by children at county, national and international competitions.

At the end, the most important moment of the event was the reward of those who were the best of the best. This year we valued school performance, school attendance, good behavior and initiative.

We said goodbye to those in the 4th grade, equipped them with knowledge, skills, information, backpacks and we are confident that they will continue to work at least as seriously as they did in our school.

We have completed one stage, we are starting another and, until September, we are waiting for you with us to make the summer vacation a memorable one for the children from the Tinca community.

We thank the ProRoma School team, partners, friends and supporters of the Tinca educational project.


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"How short are the summer holidays and how much did I miss it!” 

We are glad that school is over and the summer holidays have begun. We have time to play, to have fun activities, we have time to meet new people, new places, to feel the sun on our faces, to admire beautiful sunsets together. Time passes quickly and we want to do so many beautiful things this summer to spend in the "Holiday Diary", in the bucket of memories, to remember over the years how good we felt together children, small and large.

22nd June - Excursion to the Ioșia Oradea swimming pool - 48 small children, 10 large children


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Thanks to our partners, volunteers, old and new friends, all of you who have chosen to bring joy to the children in the Tinca community.

Thanks for choosing to make new friends. Thank you VPK Packaging Salonta, CREFOP Oradea, Dana Buțincu, Ovidiu Roman, Alina Suiugan, Sergiu, Ioana, Anikó, Csaba! 


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We celebrated Children's Day at ProRoma Tinca School, but this time we want to honor the mothers who helped us the most. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the next events.

We value you very much.


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Fashion Day - an educational project for children of the ProRoma Tinca School.

During the project, the teachers from the school stimulated the creative potential of the students by making and preparing clothes to show to the public, on the improvised stage in the school yard. As such, the children learned how and where to wear certain items of clothing, acquired skills of maintenance and hygiene of clothing, with an emphasis on promoting the culture and traditions of the Roma community.

The students of the school got acquainted with 5 different clothing styles: sports, casual, elegant, office and traditional.

Happy birthday dear students of ProRoma School!

We love every project / event.

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These days we celebrate childhood with its game, with the specific joy of children, with workshops and activities that bring joy in the life of the children of ProRoma Tinca School.

Today the children of the school participated in a theatre show, the first this year, the first after the pandemic period. For some, it was the first theater show, the first experience in a performance hall.

Happy birthday children from all over the world !!!

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But bersa angle, rromale! Happy International Roma Day!

The breaks were different today at the ProRoma Tinca School. Happy birthday, dear school community!

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“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusizsm”. - Winston Churchill

At ProRoma we know that the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do!

Therefore success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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