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proroma school teachersThe only way to achieve wonderful things is to love what you do!

"To succeed, your desire to succeed must be stronger than the fear of failure." - Bill Cosby

That's why: DO NOT put limits on anything. The more you dream, the further you get!

Congratulations to the teaching staff of the ProRoma school, Tinca!


"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated every day!"

You have managed to successfully complete part of the long road of education, to enter the wonderful world of knowledge with the enthusiasm and curiosity of childhood.

May your smile, innocence, perseverance and confidence always accompany you!

Yesterday should be a beautiful memory and tomorrow should be promise! Today, however, enjoy what you have achieved and be proud of yourself!



The most important thing is to want what you can! Because: "For the most part, success lies in the will to win." - Seneca

Therefore, accept the challenges so that you can feel the joy of victory! The world only makes room for the person who knows exactly where he is going. At ProRoma School, Tinca, we know very well that: “Great things are obtained slowly. But you don't get anything if you stay put. ” - Zig Ziglar

Only by working hard will you succeed.  Here are some photos from the end of school year celebration: ProRoma, Tinca!

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What motivates the little ones to learn, to go to school with pleasure, to get involved in extracurricular activities, to have initiative, to surpass themselves every day, to show us, the adults, the beauty of their soul? Ratings!? Assessments?! All these. But, for the children of our school, the program of positive motivation in which they can accumulate points, stimulates them the most. The child is rewarded for everything good and beautiful that they do, they collects points, as many as they can, which turns into "exchange currency" through which they can buy places in the camp, bicycles, rollers, skateboards, games, toys , sweets, clothes, things donated with love by our school friends.

What does the school gain? Children whose self-confidence grows, children who have a well-developed self-control, children who become responsible for their own choices, children with initiative - things that we, the school, want our students to learn.

During today, the fair/raffle took place in which each child "bought" what and how much he could, depending on the effort made during this school year. Dear children, we wish you continued success and many more points!

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"If we do not take steps now to continue essential services for children, the post-pandemic world will be tougher for the vulnerable." UNICEF
#internationalchildrensday #childrensday #June1st

roma child unicef


School (homework) continues even under lockdown as the teachers at the ProRoma school in Tinca visit their students to check on homework during this period of COVID-19 pandemia lockdown.

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Homework is distributed weekly to the children of the ProRoma private school in Tinca.

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ProRoma Christian Private Kindergarten & Primary School!  Lockdown... never before!


Always hope. Never be discouraged. If the present does not offer rewards, give up thinking about it: Live in the future ... Cultivate the zeal, the aspiration for great goals.

We are also preparing for better days, not just worse ones!




... and greatly missed!

Some photos from the children at the ProRoma School and Kindergarten in Tinca. They are greatly missed as they #StayHome during this time when coronavirus is in our midst.


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