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The SMART - G project includes the students of the ProRoma School, the activities take place weekly in the newly formed workshops, according to the formal education program. The aim of the project is the intellectual development of the students through the development of logical thinking, ie a consistent, clear and precise thinking.

In primary school, mathematics is one of the basic subjects, it has the role of arming students with a thorough knowledge of the basics of mathematics, to train them to apply this knowledge in practical life, and to contribute to the development of judgment, logical thinking, memory, attention, spontaneity and the quick resolution of problem situations that arise.

The project is funded by the Oradea Community Foundation within the Stiințescu program.

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Today, as we do every month, we celebrated the best of the best.

In order to be proud of them and to celebrate them, children must come to school every day, come on time, have good learning results, be well behaved and have initiative in the activities at school.

Besides the Ukrainian refugee crises we are heavily involved with ever since the war started, activities at ProRroma Kindergarten & Primary School in Tinca continue their normal course. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

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Winter brings with it the joy of playing in the snow. Tinca does not have hills and spaces good for sledding, so we thought of rewarding the students in the gymnasium and the graduates of the primary education at the ProRoma School, for the results obtained at the public school in the first semester, with a trip to the mountains, to Stâna de Vale. So, over 50 children filled the slope with sleighs, laughter, good cheer, play, good understanding, harmony, collaboration, team spirit, respect .... such beautiful and useful things for everyday life.

Dear children, we are proud of you. You have shown once again that our efforts are working.

We thank our partner Cătunul verde for the opportunities it offers us to reward children with activities that are so enjoyable for them and for the volunteers.

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In the lead up to Christmas, the students of ProRoma School started in groups to carol the beneficiaries of the Care Centers for the Elderly in Tinca - 3 homes, 2 belonging to the “Samaritan of Bihor”, Mr. Viorel Pașca and the other one belonging to the Reformed Church in Tinca. Friends from Tinca and employees of Tinca Commune City Hall were also caroled. The songs were more enthusiastic than harmonized. The children sang "What Wonderful News," "It's Christmas, It's Christmas," "In an Insignificant village in Judea," "Christ Was Born Today," and "Host School, Don't Sleep." The hosts opened the doors with joy and the children were rewarded with gifts, thus contributing to the specific joy of welcoming Christmas.



There is always something going on at ProRoma Tinca school to attract the children, more and more to school. One of the current activities is the children's choir accompanied by two volunteer professional musicians. We are preparing a song to promote on online platforms. In order to work even more focused, more involved and to reward them for their efforts, we accepted the invitation of those from Pensiunea Balta Crăiasa, who offered us 2 nights of free accommodation. In addition to music, the children learned the secrets of sport fishing and did karate training. We thank those who believe in us and support us in creating real opportunities for the children's development.

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Education is the ability to meet life’s situations! Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners!

Work in progress at ProRroma Kindergarten & Primary School, Tinca!

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Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch! Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel!

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All Romani speakers have at least two languages

In Europe, the Roma were “foreigners”, distinct from the local inhabitants not least on account of their own language, Romani, which is related to the Indian language of Sanskrit. For the identity of Roma groups it is important for them to have their own language, yet Romani is not an official language in any European country. Various dialects of Romani – there are thought to be over 100 – have evolved over the centuries as its speakers have migrated across different countries and settled in the various regions in which they live today.

All Romani speakers are bilingual because they always speak also the local language of the country in which they are living. However, many Roma have lost their own language over the course of their long history, primarily as a result of social marginalization and attempts at forced assimilation. It is estimated that roughly three quarters of Roma today speak Romani as their native tongue. The peculiarity of Romani is that it is first and foremost an oral language.

Text from the Goethe Institute 

romani language

We choose, together with the whole team of the ProRoma Tinca School and the kind volunteers, to create an educational space in which the children from Tinca come  to with pleasure, to be challenged to learn, to be curious to know.

Together we learn to love, we love to learn.

Thanks to Evelina Noane and Alina Suiugan.

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