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Together with the children of the ProRoma School, we celebrated the International Children's Day.

For us, every child is precious, is the miracle that brings us joy every day. For them we dream, for them we work, we will do anything for them to be happy!

Parents of children in the Tinca community often go abroad in Europe to ensure a better living for themselves and their families. Often children are left in the care of their extended family, grandparents, older brothers, aunts ....

The longing for their parents and relatives is great.

On Children's Day, starting in Romania, we "travelled" together with the children starting in Romania  to France, England, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark, to the countries that are often visited by members of the Tinca community. That's how we learned about the history of these countries, curiosities, food, culture, art, customs ... anything, which showed that they are not that far from their loved ones.


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learning about safety on the webAs part of “A different type of school” week, together with the children we learned what it means #SafetyOnTheWeb.

We were happy to see that they were curious but were even happier to see that they are more interested in outdoor activities, crafts, painting and playing football.


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Another day in the "A different type of school" week was spent at the Emergency Situation headquarters in Tinca. The children learned how important it is to pay attention to those around us and if necessary, to save them. They learned about various rescue methods, rescue equipment and techniques.

At the end of the day, everyone was happy and many of them want to become firefighters.

We thank our partners from the ISU Crisana for receiving us at their headquarters.


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We have proposed that every day during the week "A different type of school" will be special and exciting for the children. We appreciate the values of the children of our school, and we try to make them appreciate their talents, to make them believe in them and test their limits.

Yesterday, the children of the painting club, coordinated by their teacher Horea Sălăgean, they were on the banks of the Crisul Negru to experience what it means to paint landscapes directly in nature.


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Second grade students in their Romanian language lesson, learning by the cube method with their teacher Maria Iova

Our youngest students at the ProRoma school in Tinca doing a craft activity with their teacher Cristiana Frese

Colleagues at the ProRoma school in Tinca were hosts for colleagues at the Pedagogical Circle for Primary Education - Romanian Language, Tinca Sector. Our school was presented as an example of good practice in the education of Roma children to over 80 teachers from around the county. Some of the modern methods used in the classroom in the didactic activity as well as extracurricular activities used in the after-school program were also presented. In the practical part of the pedagogical circle, the teachers were involved in activities that can be used in the classroom to facilitate interactive learning, to develop critical thinking, increase self-confidence, increase adaptability, motivation to learn, develop conflict resolution skills, and develop a positive attitude towards work, themselves and colleagues.


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Each activity in the ProRoma School is designed to develop the children's abilities and to bring joy, satisfaction and the desire to learn something new

Special thanks the Stiintescu Oradea Fund, Remus Toderici - volunteer photographer and Daniela Tütös (director of ProRoma Private School, Tinca) as Ştiinţescu mentor, who through the project "Learn to see the world through the eye of photographer" wants to awaken our children’s interest in photographic art and artistic production, exploring the sensitive relationship between digital and emotion, virtual and perceptual, technological and human.


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In the second activity of the day, we learned about the importance of cheese and dairy products for our health. We learned how to prepare a healthy breakfast from animal products such as eggs, cheeses and dairy products.

We looked at pictures of different products, identified them on the table, tasted different types of cheese to feel the differences in taste and texture, coloured in different dairy products and also learned how to milk a cow.  The children really enjoyed these activities.

At the end of the activity, we each participated in the preparation of a healthy breakfast made up of the products we had on the table. We prepared a cheese paste with spring onions. All the children were involved: some mixed the cheese with forks, others cut the onions, others cut the radishes, others cleaned the boiled eggs, and the others prepared the meal with all that was needed. The kids worked as a real team and at the end they enjoyed the product they had prepared themselves. Each child spread the cheese paste on the bread slices and enjoyed eating it with their colleagues. The children worked well together and enjoyed this activity.

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Today we learned about the importance of water in nature and for our health. We cut out and glued water drops on to paper showing them flowing out of a water tap.

We talked about the negative effect of sugar from the various soft drinks and juices we drink, drinks that affect both our stomach and dental hygiene. To prevent and better understand the negative effect of unhealthy beverages, we did an experiment in which we placed an egg in different beverages (coca cola, energizer, coffee and water) and imagined that those eggs are our teeth, and we have seen the effect that sugar and the chemicals in these drinks have on our teeth and stomach.

The children were surprised by the effects that they noticed after a day of the eggs sitting in these drinks. They discovered that, apart from the egg in the water, all the others changed their colour, were marked, darkened in colour, and even some of the eggshell broke down into a fine dust.

We also talked about healthy or unhealthy foods for our teeth. The children understood that water is one of the healthiest beverages, even if it is not sweet. However to offer the children an alternative to water, we prepared a fresh, healthy and refreshing orange juice, in which we did not have to add sugar. The children smelled the oranges, cut them in half, and also ate the pulp from the juice.

Finally, we all enjoyed the fresh orange, and the children understood that healthy drinks from fresh fruit can also be made. Fresh orange has been delicious!

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