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The Cumbrian boxes have arrived safely to Oradea. Looking forward to meeting the team next week!

Thank you Boxes of Hope, Cumbria for your continuous love and generosity to us over the years!


Here is last year’s ShoeBoxes distribution review.  With many thanks to our UK friends and partners: Boxes of Hope, Cumbria and Teams4u The Charity


Many THANKS to the Cumbrian team of volunteers from Boxes of Hope, Cumbria for their great service this week distributing thousands of Christmas gifts to Romania’s children. Thank you all for coming and hope you had a great experience! Our many thanks to your donors and all those involved in whatever way to make this campaign possible! Your love and generosity is amazing!

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Another busy weekend at the border. Aya and Nazir we met these last days. They are a refugee family from Siria that left the country last year and ended up in Romania recently. While staying at home was too dangerous, the decision to leave was difficult also considering they have 5 children - aged between 2 and 13. The difficulty was even greater since the eldest is mentally challenged while the youngest is paralyzed from hypoxia at birth. For now we only support them with their very basic needs - food, water, etc. The integration process is just at the beginning though. The children are tired but smiling, the parents are exhausted but hopeful... It was an inspirational story of courage, hope & unity within family! 

We will be launching a CALL for ACTION soon! Please follow!

#supportthecausenotthestory #basicneeds #stoptrafficking

*Name of the people were changed for confidentiality and safety reasons.

UPDATES! Recently was World Refugee Day! We, at People to People Foundation have "celebrated" it, in an unusual way - We met with 54 refugees/migrants found in the Romanian border, and offered them help by providing for their very basic needs - WATER and FOOD. Families, mothers, mothers to be, fathers, children- as young as 4, that fled their country because of war, violence & abuse... "We haven't eaten in 5 days, all we had was for the children...and even so, they went 2 days without food at all". 

It's not for us to is for us to support! 

As this can't be done without help, if you would like to support the cause - please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or PM us to give you our contact information.


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