Today we learned about the importance of water in nature and for our health. We cut out and glued water drops on to paper showing them flowing out of a water tap.

We talked about the negative effect of sugar from the various soft drinks and juices we drink, drinks that affect both our stomach and dental hygiene. To prevent and better understand the negative effect of unhealthy beverages, we did an experiment in which we placed an egg in different beverages (coca cola, energizer, coffee and water) and imagined that those eggs are our teeth, and we have seen the effect that sugar and the chemicals in these drinks have on our teeth and stomach.

The children were surprised by the effects that they noticed after a day of the eggs sitting in these drinks. They discovered that, apart from the egg in the water, all the others changed their colour, were marked, darkened in colour, and even some of the eggshell broke down into a fine dust.

We also talked about healthy or unhealthy foods for our teeth. The children understood that water is one of the healthiest beverages, even if it is not sweet. However to offer the children an alternative to water, we prepared a fresh, healthy and refreshing orange juice, in which we did not have to add sugar. The children smelled the oranges, cut them in half, and also ate the pulp from the juice.

Finally, we all enjoyed the fresh orange, and the children understood that healthy drinks from fresh fruit can also be made. Fresh orange has been delicious!

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Yesterday at the House of Culture in Tinca, the students of Proroma School celebrated together with their colleagues from Dumbrava, Gepis, Lăzăreni, Husasău de Tinca, Cociuba Mare, on the occasion of the International Roma Day, organizing the second edition of the contest called "Roma Have Talent". The competition was divided into three sections: song, dance and poetry/theatre. The participants at the event are students and preschoolers from these localities! Every child has been intensely prepared, every artistic moment has been exceptional! 

Members of the judging panel had a really tough job in deliberating and awarding the prizes.

Special guest at the event was the magician Pasquale Cesarino from Milan - Italy, who started his first magic show at the age of 9 years old. His story, by magic, impressed the young audience in the auditorium, the children rewarding him with applause.

We thank the school team, our People-to-People Foundation colleagues, the 7 volunteers involved, the 19 teachers from the partner schools, the members of the jury and guests for their efforts. Thank you also to Denisa Luca, representative of the Teaching Staff House, the only public institution that responded to the invitation to participate in our event.

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Today, students from the 2nd grade class at the ProRma School in Tinca, learned about dental hygiene. 

We thank the students of the Faculty of Dentistry for their involvement.

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Spring activities in the yard of the ProRoma Private Kindergarten & Primary School yard in Tinca!


Celebrating Mother’s Day at ProRoma school in Tinca

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Today we've been thinking about future generations. We planted cherry and oak trees, in the shade of which we will be to sit in years to come. 

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We thank all those who have participated in the activities during the 3 days of events. They were beautiful, motivating and impactful activities!

"Women in general have a major role to play in the future of their own children, and the Roma woman should be seen as a major resource to be invested in and to be supported to change the destiny of the family or of a community to which it belongs. We, the professionals, have the power to tell them ‘Yes, you can!’ "

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Today, we received a visit from the fire brigade and ambulance at the ProRoma School in Tinca. The children were happy to learn about safety and new jobs, but what they enjoyed moat was the chance to explore the fire engine and ambulance!

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

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