Homework is distributed weekly to the children of the ProRoma private school in Tinca.

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ProRoma Christian Private Kindergarten & Primary School!  Lockdown... never before!


Reflect on the blessings of today, of which everyone has enough; and not on the troubles of the past, of which everyone has a few. (Charles Dickens). Because at the root of joy is gratitude. It is not joy that makes us grateful, but gratitude fills us with joy.

Thank you Tinca Town Hall !!!




Always hope. Never be discouraged. If the present does not offer rewards, give up thinking about it: Live in the future ... Cultivate the zeal, the aspiration for great goals.

We are also preparing for better days, not just worse ones!




In any field of activity, those who are determined to go further, even when there is no hope on the horizon, are those who make the impossible "possible"!

Because: "The most common characteristic I've encountered in successful people is that they overcome their temptation to give up." - Peter Lowe

Just like this: "Simple things done constantly, with vision and integrity, will help you transform from an ordinary individual to an extraordinary one." - Jim Dornan

That's why: "Winners never give up and losers never win." - Vince Lombardi

“Proud” of the team from the ProRoma Private Christian School in Tinca and the colleagues from People-to-People! n.

#StayHome #DoGood


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How true can these words be especially in times like these!? An unknown author once said, "One can give without loving, but no one can love without giving!" Moreover, we know that: "It doesn't matter how much you give, but how much love you put into what you give!" That's why: "Giving is not always about giving, but about giving when you need to." French proverb

Because: "He who gives in time, gives twice." Ivan Krilov.

Being generous with those around you is a virtue that does not go unnoticed. - We thank the Food Bank Oradea and our local and international sponsors.

#StayHome #DoGood


Over 600 people, adults and children, have been supported in our last food distribution activity!  Vulnerable people are even more affected during this period, because unskilled work has been reduced so much - both because of the general measures imposed and because of individual protection measures. We must all take on our responsibilities!

#AdaptedSocialServices  #WeWork #StayHome #Covid19

We thank the Food Bank Oradea and involvement of your generous donors!



Due to the generosity of our international and local partners, as well as our partner Food Bank Oradea, we managed to distribute food to over 130 families in the immediate vicinity of our school in Tinca! #StayHome #AdaptedSocialServices #CommunitySupport #Covid19 


More photos can be viewed on facebook here:

... and greatly missed!

Some photos from the children at the ProRoma School and Kindergarten in Tinca. They are greatly missed as they #StayHome during this time when coronavirus is in our midst.


We're glad that we were able to support Tinca Town Hall with food (milk, fresh and canned vegetables, yogurts). These will be offered, along with other items, to people at risk from the commune, according to the decision of the Local Committee for Emergency Situations. We hope it will be useful! We thank the Food Bank Oradea, for all these opportunities

#AdaptedSocialServices #CommunitySupport #Covid19 


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