The child comes into this world with endless confidence in his fellow men. The difference is still very small. Studies show that we are beginning to distinguish ethnic, social and cultural differences even in the first year of life, while perceiving the significance that family and society attribute to these differences.

Children who grow up and are educated in a non-discriminatory environment, without a set of prejudices about ethnicity, social status, medical condition, etc., will embrace this world with confidence and love.

This is the life lesson learnt by the students of ProRoma School together with those from the Step by Step program of the "N.Jiga" Tinca Theoretical High School. We thank Professor the teachers Iuliu Orban and Minodora Popa for their visit and for the openness to work in partnership with us.



Recently we were visited by Nina Skalíková, a professional photographer from Slovakia.

This is the video made by Nina in which there are captured images from the ProRoma School, the Tinca community, the Diosig community and images taken at one of the friendly families in the Gabori community in Oradea.

You can watch the movie with subtitles in English.

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein


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“Teachers who love teaching teach children who love learning.” – Unknown


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A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart!


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The National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust is a national event held on October 9 in Romania. It is dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and particularly to reflecting on Romania's role in the Holocaust.

The Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping on a society. It forces us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction – Tim Holden


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human traffickingThe actual number of victims is much higher, including in Bihor county. The ability to identify, however, is low. Some end up being referred to specialized services such as our Foundation but unfortunately such providers are very few in the country. Many victims remain unidentified and do not benefit from any support to reduce the effects of abuse and trauma, remaining long-term, some even permanently, in a state of vulnerability or exploitation.

Read article from Bihor online 


ProRoma, Tinca, România!

Kindergarten learning expeiences! ...and lots of fun!


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anti trafficking rountable ineuThere is no real and effective collaboration between institutions working with vulnerable groups at the macro level!

Day III - Round table with authorities and institutions from the Ineu-Tileagd-Sacadat area

We identify from the discussions over the past few days, that it is much easier to find solutions to "eliminate" cases with major problems, to get rid of them from the community. But we avoid watching their evolution, making referrals to those who could help them solve and reduce their vulnerabilities, to monitor. We were just glad that the "evil" did not happen to us in our backyard.

However, it is excellent that problems are identified. The first condition is fulfilled. Because we discussed today more about begging and the obligation to practice prostitution, we analyze the legislative loopholes that do not support vulnerable groups in any way. For example children identified as begging in big cities - no notifications are sent to their communities. Individuals identified as practicing prostitution receive fines, cataloging them only. Social workers are absent from city halls, and if they exist, they or the referrers are overwhelmed with bureaucracy, having no time to actually go out into the field. Community nurses and health mediators are absent, the positions of school mediators have been reduced considerably. Although at the local level the institutions try to collaborate and make efforts, however, they depend on higher forums and legislative provisions that limit their activity and intervention.


anti trafficking posterDay III - interactive discussions with super curious students who were full of ideas from "puiu Sever" high school in Ineu.

Entering in depth in the subject of human trafficking, but at a level so simple as to be understandable to all, it is again confirmed that it is difficult to protect yourself as a child when you were born into a difficult environment, whether we are talking about poor families, families where there is a lack of an type of communication, families who are more interested in their image in society - too focused on earning and disconnected from children, broken families, etc.

THE MORAL - the victim of human trafficking can be anyone! VULNERABILITY - whatever it is, it is exploited to the maximum by others! Healthy family relationships, real communication reduce this risk!

A united community and attentive to its members, always vigilant is the goal!

We thank Mr. Ionel Cordovan for the great work and continue!



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