Bravo Daniel!

Children like him daily inspire us to find new and diverse opportunities to change their future for the better.

We thank the Oradea Community Foundation for their trust.

We thank the volunteers for sharing your passion with us.

Another successful school year has benn completed at ProRoma Kindergarten & Primary School, Tinca. Special thanks to our school staff and to all our generous supporters! 

Change is the end result of all true learning!


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give to rewardThe students of ProRoma Tinca School are included in a positive motivation program where the child is rewarded for attending school, punctuality, outstanding learning outcomes, appropriate behaviour, initiative and results in out-of-school and extracurricular programs.


Throughout the school year, we awarded points to the children while together, explaining why they were receiving the points without comparing them to other children

With the accumulated points, children can now ‘buy’ places in the summer camps that we organize in Vadu Crişului and Căsoaia, bicycles, rollerskates, skateboards, games, toys, sweets, hygiene products, books, colouring books, pencils, crayons, colouring pencils ...... many surprises.

To contribute to their joy, we invite you to give bicycles, rollerskates, skateboards, board games, balls, hula hoops, games, children's books..... anything that could bring joy to the children.

For details please contact our colleague Daniela Tütös, tel. 0742127636 or contact us on facebook.

Thank you.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Loving to Learn and Learning to Love @ ProRoma Private Kindergarten & Primary School, Tinca!


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Even if the summer school holidays are approaching fast, children and teachers at the ProRoma School enjoy the time spent together in beautiful and exciting activities.

One of these activities is the exchange of experience of the Theatre Clubs in Husasau de Tinca and our school.

The children have demonstrated what they have learned so far, doing exercises of diction, movement, speech through verbal and non-verbal language.

They connected beautiful friendships and of course, the two theatre clubs will also meet on theatre stages.


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Over 1,500 pupils from 52 schools have learned from the police how to behave at home, on the street, at school, in the playround and on holiday. The national project “Tedi Safety School” was aimed at informing children of potential dangers and providing solutions through education appropriate for their age.

At the end of the May, prevention police officers met with students as part of an open lesson on prevention at the children’s village in Oradea. They met with students from two schools ("Ioan Slavici" Secondary School in Oradea and the "ProRoma" Christian Private School in Tinca) in Bihor county which were awarded prizes by “Maspex Romania” for the activities done as part of the program “Tedi Safety School”


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Together with the children of the ProRoma School, we celebrated the International Children's Day.

For us, every child is precious, is the miracle that brings us joy every day. For them we dream, for them we work, we will do anything for them to be happy!

Parents of children in the Tinca community often go abroad in Europe to ensure a better living for themselves and their families. Often children are left in the care of their extended family, grandparents, older brothers, aunts ....

The longing for their parents and relatives is great.

On Children's Day, starting in Romania, we "travelled" together with the children starting in Romania  to France, England, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark, to the countries that are often visited by members of the Tinca community. That's how we learned about the history of these countries, curiosities, food, culture, art, customs ... anything, which showed that they are not that far from their loved ones.


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learning about safety on the webAs part of “A different type of school” week, together with the children we learned what it means #SafetyOnTheWeb.

We were happy to see that they were curious but were even happier to see that they are more interested in outdoor activities, crafts, painting and playing football.


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Another day in the "A different type of school" week was spent at the Emergency Situation headquarters in Tinca. The children learned how important it is to pay attention to those around us and if necessary, to save them. They learned about various rescue methods, rescue equipment and techniques.

At the end of the day, everyone was happy and many of them want to become firefighters.

We thank our partners from the ISU Crisana for receiving us at their headquarters.


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We have proposed that every day during the week "A different type of school" will be special and exciting for the children. We appreciate the values of the children of our school, and we try to make them appreciate their talents, to make them believe in them and test their limits.

Yesterday, the children of the painting club, coordinated by their teacher Horea Sălăgean, they were on the banks of the Crisul Negru to experience what it means to paint landscapes directly in nature.


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