intl human rights dayOn International Human Rights Day, we think of all the victims of human trafficking, whom we meet daily and whose rights are violated! These rights must be restored and trust in the future must be rebuilt!

“We declare that human rights are for all of us, all the time: whoever we are and wherever we are from; no matter our class, our opinions, our sexual orientation.” – Ban Ki-moon

Honoured to have had the visit of our special friends and partners from Boxes of Hope, Cumbria at ProRoma School today. Thank you ever so much for your generous support throughout the year for this miracle in progress.

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A full day spent in Cluj giving out over 1000 boxes to the needy children of PataRat assisted by our friends and colleagues from ProRoma. With many thanks for their great effort to the fabulous team of volunteers from Boxes of Hope, Cumbria

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Warm welcome to Boxes of Hope, Cumbria team!  Some pictures from today’s shoebox distribution.

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The Cumbrian boxes have arrived safely to Oradea. Looking forward to meeting the team next week!

Thank you Boxes of Hope, Cumbria for your continuous love and generosity to us over the years!


Here is last year’s ShoeBoxes distribution review.  With many thanks to our UK friends and partners: Boxes of Hope, Cumbria and Teams4u The Charity


The ProRoma School in Tinca hosted the Pedagogical Circle - Early Learning Sector Tinca where more than 40 teachers participated. We thank our colleagues, Madi Frese and Simona Tarau, who presented some of the working methods used in the ProRoma kindergarten. Within the pedagogical circle, modern methods used in instructive-educational activities were presented. Also, in the workshops, the educators worked in a team and shared from their personal experience how the integrated activities take place on a given topic. We enjoyed the presence of the ladies with us and the appreciation shown with regards to the activities presented, the kindergarten facilities and the daily work that we carry out in the roma community.

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At ProRroma Tinca Private School, the only school dedicated to Roma students in Bihor, the Centenary of the Great Union was celebrated with great joy, not only by the Roma students but also by those from the public school in the commune.

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Just a few photos of the latest activities at ProRoma Kindergarten & Primary School.

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Today, together with CR Oradea Anitp at the Graduate Labour Exchange, we will distribute materials regarding the prevention of human trafficking for work. Thank you Ajofm Bihor and Csaba Bekesi for their organizing and collaboration.T

Today is the European day against Trafficking of Human Beings.

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