The children in the small group and large groups at ProRoma School in Tinca have learned, within the framework of a program developed in partnership with the Public Health Directorate, to eat healthily, to understand the benefits of daily fruit and vegetable consumption. In this sense, there were exercises - a fruit and vegetable discovery game, they tasted fruits and vegetables, and they drew and painted on the prepared worksheets.

More photos can be seen on facebook for the small group and large group.

The ProRoma School in Tinca ran a project funded by the #CommunityFoundationOradea as part of the "Talent Scholarship" program. Throughout the project, students learned about science through photography and to capture aspects of culture and local tradition through photography. Photos taken by children will represent the voice of the local community. They are permanently on display in the community school.

The launch of the local exhibition was carried out as part of a project dissemination activity with all the representatives of local institutions that were involved in one way or another, in the educational process, local authorities, and local decision-makers being invited to participate. 

The purpose of this activity was to find and establish effective communication levers and techniques for education to no longer be a so serious problem for children from the Roma community in Tinca.

Students in the third grade of ProRoma School in Tinca learned about the benefits of drinking water daily. As a rule, the children of the Tinca community consume water, however when they have money, unfortunately they will buy juices or, worse, energizing drinks because it's cool to be like the big ones. In the third grade activity, the children established a golden rule: "Drink water in this school."

Pizza for lunch at school! How much funnier can it get?!

We had the pleasure to participate in the event ‘Health and Human Trafficking’ dedicated to health professionals, organized by Abolishion and the Bihor College of Physicians.

Together with others, health professionals are first-line professionals who can help identify victims of human trafficking! In the course of the trafficking situation - regardless of their nature, these people often turn to medical services. It is important that we know the signs and give them the opportunity to be identified!

Katherine Welch, whom we accompanied during these days, shared important information at various seminars. She is a visionary doctor and a different approach to the needs of the patient - the victim of trafficking.

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Such a great privilege to participate in a gathering of around 100 Christian educators from 25 different nations, mostly European for the EurECA Conference this year in Sofia, BG

More photos can be viewed on facebook

The students of the ProRoma School together with the teachers address a message of gratitude, appreciation and appreciation to Mr. Remus Toderici for his active involvement in the activities of the project "Assuming Identity through Photography". We learned a lot, we discovered the art of photography, it became one of our passions.

Thank you and we await you in Tinca!


We were present at the Bihor county Job Fair organized by Ajofm Bihor.

We don’t have any jobs available, but we have some very useful information about how to find a workplace without becoming a victim of human trafficking.

“Choose to work in safety”

Students and teachers from the Private Christian School in the Roma neighbourhood, Tinca, celebrated ‘International Roma Day’ in a new and attractive way for children and parents as they organized a talent contest "Roma have Talent".

The contest event took place on March 30th and was intended for students of the organizing school. It took place at the Cultural House in Tinca Commune. The event consisted of organizing a talent contest, divided into three sections: song, poetry and dance. Each participating student was rewarded for his work by receiving a prize for participation. Awards were awarded for each section whilst the grand prize was won by sisters Sara and Beatrice Fekete who competed in the song section.

Through this event, we wanted to draw the attention of the community and local authorities to the importance of education for Roma children.

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