Children at the Private Christian School in the Tinca Roma neighbourhood, had an activity where they learnt about the importance of fruit for health. In the activity they associated the pictures of fruit with the fruit in the basket. They touched them, discussed each one (form, colour), prepared together a fruit salad and then shared happily with their older colleagues.

This activity is one of the actions initiated by our school within the project "Healthy Food and Physical Activity in Kindergartens and Schools" in partnership with the Bihor Public Health Department.

The development of life, social and emotional skills is a priority in the afterschool programs held at the Private School in Tinca with financial funding granted by the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation. With their support, around 100 children daily receive help in doing their homework as well as learning other skills. The nutrition program is extremely important and vital for children from the Roma community. A balanced, appropriate and diversified diet helps children focus more in lessons and makes them healthier, happier, and more confident.


Many THANKS to the Cumbrian team of volunteers from Boxes of Hope, Cumbria for their great service this week distributing thousands of Christmas gifts to Romania’s children. Thank you all for coming and hope you had a great experience! Our many thanks to your donors and all those involved in whatever way to make this campaign possible! Your love and generosity is amazing!

Smiling child at school in TincaHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

This week, we at People 2 People Foundation are celebrating our 18th Anniversary! (in Romania this means we are grownups now:) ) It is a moment of joy, but also a moment of self assessment and planning for the future.

We know for sure IT’S NOT ABOUT US, it never was - IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM! About all the CHILDREN, WOMEN, MEN and FAMILIES we have met these years. It is about abandonment, tragedies, broken dreams, plans, success and sometimes failures. Is about having PEOPLE on our focus and trying to build a different future, a more empowered and brighter one. PEOPLE pushed us forward despite all the hard work and sometimes frustrations.

And as we want to continue this, we are donating our birthday to PEOPLE and we are happy to receive your birthday gifts! Would you please consider to support our vision and our work? 

We would like to dedicate the gifts received this week into our RESTORE CENTER - after care program for survivors of human trafficking - beautiful children with heartbreaking stories, powerful women and men that have the strength to go through tragic situations - and still fight for their future.

NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL!  Please donate now to PEOPLE to PEOPLE

To all of our supporters out there, THANK YOU for all these years you served with us and supported our work. We couldn't have done it without you! We can not do it without you!

If you have any questions, use our facebook account or our e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!

Our colleague Simona Tarau is working closely with parents in order to involve them in the educational process of their children. Parents come to organized groups once a week to discover that even though they haven't been to school themselves they can still support their children in doing so. 

Children love it! Parents understand what is happening in school and that there are things they can do to help. Guess what? Children can't wait to teach their parents - shapes, colors, letters, numbers, etc...Some parents became more interested in schooling and want to learn more! There is so much joy and love!


View more photos in our album on facebook

View more photos in our album on facebook

Awareness, prevention, trainings are some of the most powerful tools to fight human trafficking. Equipping ordinary people, reduce vulnerability due to the lack of knowledge and empower people that can fight this battle is what we did this week, in order to mark European day against trafficking in persons! (we do this all year long but this time was special as we celebrated European day against trafficking)
Along with our partners (National Agency against human trafficking CR Oradea Anitp, Police Inspectorate and Abolishion) we met with vulnerable people from rural areas - students, parents and teachers alike. Also discussed with future professionals in different areas how they can prevent or support people affected by this 21st century plaque.

Everyone was invited to join the thunderclap event run by European Freedom Network

Special thanks to FSSU - Departamentul de Sociologie și Asistență Socială -for being so opened and supportive, Liceul Teoretic "Nicolae Jiga", Bihor for support, the beautiful kids and parents from ProRoma School in Tinca, and "Mereu impreuna"(Always together) House for neglected and abused children.

Kids from ProRoma School in Tinca competing in sports with other school kids in Oradea.

View more photos in our album on facebook



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