School in Tinca Children from a community with no running water or sanitation in their homes and with parents largely unable to work, means the poverty levels are horrific. ProRroma School offers more than a basic education. Each child has shower facilities at school, breakfast and lunch is provided each day and classes provide a well-balanced education in both Cultural and Modern subjects. The 7 teachers and some additional staff provide a great team to meet the needs of our 200 children through these important years of life.

The school built and operated with a Christian ethos, will also provide a basic level of ministry for sharing the Gospel message of a loving Saviour and counselling for the many needs within this community.


roma kidsThe Gypsy community is one of Tinca's oldest and largest ethnic minorities. They have lived in the country for hundreds of years, but are not integrated also because of widespread discrimination and stigma. The primary cause would be the lack of access to pre-school education and failure to keep up in primary school with the children of their age.

Romanian educational system deals with (or fails to deal with) the integration of Roma children in public education. People-to-People Foundation set about changing their options in Tinca

We know that better levels of education could offer poor children a future full of hope and that education is a key factor in breaking the circle of deprivation that many of these poor children and their families face.

People to People started to assist the Roma in facing the challenges of our century by providing teaching methods and a curriculum in such a way that school becomes interesting for Roma children and also that majority other pupils and teachers in school become more familiar with Roma culture and history.


school tincaOur focus as ‘People-to-People’ Oradea is on practical projects, addressing poverty and its consequences. We work at the heart of communities to develop projects that enable long-term change for children and their families. Real change needs an investment in the infrastructure, both physical and social, to help give children the opportunity to achieve their full potential - so that families and communities can cope with the pressure of their daily lives - and live free from the consequences of poverty.

From small beginnings, with only a small class of 25 gypsy children, our ProRroma Kindergarten & Primary School has developed to reach out to nearly 200 children within the community.

roma childPoverty can be – and often is – defined in purely monetary terms. At ‘People-to-People' Oradea we know that poverty is far more complicated. Poverty encompasses the whole range of environmental, economic, social and cultural pressures on children and families that reduce their chances for survival, growth and development.  

Inevitably poor children are denied a voice! Excluded from mainstream society, they, their families and communities come under great pressure. The poor suffer from bad health, low levels of education, inadequate nutrition and housing, and low standards of social welfare.


Are we poor due to a lack of education or are we lacking education because we are poor?

2 kidsAll data outlines the image of a vicious circle from which we cannot escape. Romania is the second poorest country in the European Union according to the latest statistics provided by Eurostat.

In our country, 40% of the population is currently at risk of poverty and social exclusion, while 48.5% of children are currently living in poverty.  Lack of money is felt strongest in villages, where half of Romanians reside. Some of them live in conditions that would appear to Western observers as something pulled straight out of the Middle Ages. 

The study conducted by World Vision Romania, shows that 2 out of 3 rural households are facing "a state of extreme poverty and a lack of basic necessities". This is supported by figures which show that 66.1% of Romanians in those living in rural areas don't have enough money to live on, or they have barely enough to live on a month to month basis. Poverty translates as such, into a lack of education, poor health and a poor diet. This in turn causes Romanian children from rural areas to choose the shortest and most uncertain roads in life, just to have some money in their pockets: abandoning school to go to work in the fields. And so a vicious circle forms, “the new generation of poor”, who in turn will battle with poverty, with the thought that maybe someday, they will have sewers, running water, or the chance to be able to wash themselves every day.

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