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European Day for the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings - an event marked at a national level, among others, by a meeting at Parliament level, co-organized by the deputy Oana Țoiu, Bucharest City Hall and the ProTECT Platform.

Our colleague reiterated the need and urgency of the following actions:

  • regulating the specialized assistance framework for victims of human trafficking -by extending and clarifying the types of services that correspond to the needs of victims - and developing specific quality standards. They have a direct influence and support the future process of allocating public funds to support care services, support the development of new services and ultimately victims' access to specialized care.
  • modification / correlation / clarification of current legislative provisions with direct influence in combating the phenomenon of trafficking (eg aggravating pimping vs. trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation, offenses in the form of fines for persons involved in prostitution, etc.)
  • creation of a unitary model for detection, notification and referral of cases by adopting the updated form of the National Identification and Referral Mechanism (MNIR),
  • allocation of funds dedicated to victim assistance (emergency funds / reintegration funds), efficient operationalization of these mechanisms! (eg from funds managed by the National Agency for the Administration of Unavailable Assets
  • consulting organizations with activity in the field before initiating normative acts with an impact on traffic issues to ensure that they correspond to the reality of the phenomenon.

We enjoy the collaboration between the wonderful members of the ProTECT Platform and the active partnership with the National Agency Against Trafficking in Human Beings.


We choose, together with the whole team of the ProRoma Tinca School and the kind volunteers, to create an educational space in which the children from Tinca come  to with pleasure, to be challenged to learn, to be curious to know.

Together we learn to love, we love to learn.

Thanks to Evelina Noane and Alina Suiugan.

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“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King

And we motivate our kids to work hard every single day that they come to our school or kindergarten. #workhardplayhard

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"I think music is healing. It's something that moves us all. It doesn't matter what culture we belong to, we all love music." - Billy Joel

We, the children from ProRoma Tinca School together with our volunteers are preparing to move the world in which we live. Thanks to Mihai and Adrian Lacatus.


Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist as you grow. - Pablo Picasso

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Blessed and encouraged by the visit of our friends from Chiesa Cristiana Gesù Vive Milano, Italy to ProRoma School in Tinca, Romania.

With thanks to you all for being such a blessing to so many!

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Good luck and a new school year as good as possible! At the beginning of the new school year, we wish all students a year full of success and good studying!

We wish the teachers patience, as much wisdom as possible, to be models of trust, worthy of admiration and to be followed in order to form the best students that they have!

We thank parents for their efforts to help their children.

We would also like to thank the volunteers who have been involved in activities and those who will be with us this school year as well.

And in everything that you do, do with a lot of love and dedication and you will never fail!

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Raul was a student of ProRoma Tinca School in primary school. During the time he was in our school, as we are attentive to each child, we were attentive to him and to the talents he has. It was impossible not to notice his passion for sports in general and for football in particular. We looked locally and in the area, to see what opportunities could be available for him to la football other than with just the boys from Tinca, playing anywhere, with any kind of ball, on any kind of field and without specialized guidance. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything. However, at the Sports High School in Oradea we found the best coach for Raul, in Ciprian Dianu, who with a lot of patience and support started to train him with other boys of Raul's age. Today, Raul is legitimized at LPS, participates in trainings and football tournaments and the first results have started to appear: medals, diplomas, goals, valuable friends, trips in the country and abroad and the beautiful part is that, everything is just beginning . Raul has our full support.

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The crisis in Afghanistan threatens the safety and even the lives of Afghan girls and women - freedom of movement and participation in socio-professional life completely restricted, marriages imposed from an early age (precisely to attract even more soldiers in the Taliban army), ban on studying, working, etc. These are just a few examples. Many of the ones that will follow fall into the category of modern slavery - human trafficking, exploitation.

We cannot close our eyes, we cannot be indifferent. We also signed the open letter addressed to the Romanian state to get involved. The hard work begins now - again. Hopefully, at least a few will find support for a safe life.

#stopexploitation #stophumantrafficking #safezone


Children's games are very difficult. Children are never more serious than when they play. (Michel de Montaigne)

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