Motivation: as Romania is a source, transit, and destination for men, women, and children subject to trafficking mainly one of the top country of origin for slaves exploited in western Europe

as children as young as 10 and women from Romania are forced into prostitution in Romania or other countries!

Since 2009, PTP is the first and only nongovernamental social service in Bihor county that supports survivors of human trafficking!


• offering integrated assistance and reintegration services for the survivors of trafficking and people in high risk , by providing or  facilitating acces to services, while also adressing the trauma.

• Reducing the amplitude of trafficking by strengthening the capacity of citizens to selftprotect from the threat of this phenomenon and influencing attitudes of underestimation the phenomenon thru public awarensess campaign, trainings 


Assistance - Community care and housing, Drop-in and Training centre,

Vision: flexible, integrated, holistic, particularized to the needs, involvement of the client, in partnership, family approach, trauma centered while Promoting: values, choices and consequences

Social assistance – social enquiries, risk assessments, identity documents, access to social benefits and facilities, accompaniment, mediation, monitoring, mediating relationship with family / authorities (police, schools, professional agencies, employer

Educational assistance: school reintegration, professional trainings, supplies, stationary, training for labor market insertion, professional orientation and vocational training,
Legal Assistance – Clarify the legal situation of the person, counseling regarding the right as a victim/civil part others, legal representation in penal or civil causes (related or additional to the trafficking situation). Support and Preparation through all phasesl (hearing, confrontation of witnesses, etc.), accompany the victim to court

Psychological Assistance- individual counseling, group, inventories / personality questionnaires, couple therapy, psychotherapy, 

Medical Assistance - Assessing the health status of victim, facilitating access to specialized medical care and treatment

Financial and material assistance: supporting the basic needs – food, personal care, clothing, shoes, medicine, 

Vocational and ergo therapy activities - Training Centre: developing skills in order to get employment, improving personal autonomy; budget management, conflict management

Residential Care (shelter) – providing safe accommodation – in crisis situation, transitory or long term. 

Repatriation (including pre-repatriation counselling)


Prevention & Awareness

  • Public awareness campaigns 
  • Targeted Awareness campaigns to groups or communities at risk (high school, child protection system, gypsy communities etc.)
  • Media campaigns



  • Trainings for professionals - social workers, shelter workers, police officers 
  • Training for other profesionals that may get into contact with people at risk - school counselors, teachers, medical workers, psychologist
  • Round tables, workshops, conferences, seminars, 
  • trainings for church leaders and other groups 
  • Trainings for students and volunteers  


Informational Materials / Materiale informative          Reports / Rapoarte


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