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In any field of activity, those who are determined to go further, even when there is no hope on the horizon, are those who make the impossible "possible"!

Because: "The most common characteristic I've encountered in successful people is that they overcome their temptation to give up." - Peter Lowe

Just like this: "Simple things done constantly, with vision and integrity, will help you transform from an ordinary individual to an extraordinary one." - Jim Dornan

That's why: "Winners never give up and losers never win." - Vince Lombardi

“Proud” of the team from the ProRoma Private Christian School in Tinca and the colleagues from People-to-People! n.

#StayHome #DoGood


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3,5% LA SUTA

children in playground

Directioneaza 3,5% din impozit catre People to People

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