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Another great week packed with lots of fun activities and laughter at ProRoma Kindergarten & Primary School! 

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts” C.S.Lewis

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Students from the ProRoma Tinca School in partnership with the Association "Never Alone - Friends of the Elderly" and the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation, were involved in the national volunteering campaign "Flowers for the Soul". During the campaign, the pupils of the school distributed flowers to elderly people living in care homes in Tinca and Dumbrava headed by Viorel Pasca as well as to elderly in the roma community in Tinca.

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Honoured to have the visit of our friends and partners from Finland these days! 

Thank you Patmos Lähetyssäätiö for all your love and generosity to us during these 20 years of our continued partnership!


And the final works were completed just before the new school year started!

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ProRoma School & Kindergarten in Tinca:  Each child is Loving to Learn & Learning to Love. 

As the ‘Dream’ continues, we pray you will continue to be a part of this ‘Miracle in Progress’!

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A new school year started for the 64 children enrolled into our kindergarten program and the 138 children in the primary school classes.  

202 children are part of this miracle in progress this year! 

A special welcome to Cristiana Frese who’s joined our team of teachers!


The ProRoma School & Kindergarten in Tinca would like to express their many thanks to our donors from close and afar for such a great generosity in supporting the renovation and remodelling works this summer. May God bless you all! 

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Attending Christian Educators Seminar in Finland. Great to connect with so many Christian School & Kindergarten teachers to exchange experience and expertise. 
Thank you Daniela Tütös & Madi Frese for sharing your hearts. Their topic was - Love in the classroom - the agent for change and transformation!

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40 children from the roma community in Tinca had an unforgettable holiday at the School Camp in Remeti Every activity was a new adventure for all the kids and their camp leaders.

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Vacation has arrived!!! After the awards ceremony when we rewarded only the best in school, today is when we reward all the children. This year at school, we initiated a positive motivation program where children were rewarded for school attendance, punctuality, great learning results, appropriate behaviour, initiative and results obtained in extracurricular and out-of-school programs. Through this program we encouraged the appropriate behaviour, we stimulated the children to learn and we strengthened the good behaviour.


Throughout the school year, we gave points to children, whilst with the other children, explaining why they receive them, without comparing them to other children. The points earned gave the opportunity once a month for the best child in the school to become the director for one day. Then the cumulative points now mattered. With them, children could buy places at the Remeti camp, bicycles, rollerskates, games, toys, sweets, hygiene products, books, colouring books, pencils, crayons, colouring pencils ...... many surprises.

After the purchases made by children, I received confirmation from them that next year they will strive more. We, those who work with them, are happy.

Every child is good, every child at school deserves to be rewarded!!

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